About Us

Welcome to Dipity. Swipe left and right until you find your ideal matches, then strike up a conversation. Once someone decides they want to meet for a date, they choose anywhere from 1-10 different potential meeting places, followed by the one actual place that he or she really wants to go to. Your match then receives a date invite where they must think about which of the potential places was chosen as the Serendipitous meeting location. Choose the same one and Serendipity Happens! Both parties receive an email confirming the date and location of their date. Choose the wrong one, and sadly it just wasn’t in the cards… The chat ends and you are back in the dating pool trying to find that special someone who will pick the same as you next time.

Dipity works because if you end up choosing the same date location, you and your match automatically have some common ground to stand on – there’s a reason you both picked the same place to meet! We just help give Fate a nudge in the right direction!

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