How to use dipity

So you’re either thinking of downloading dipity – or you’ve downloaded it and are wondering how to use the first-of-its-kind location based meet-up dating app that incorporates fate into the dating game!  Below is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1:
dipity connects you via your facebook profile in an entirely secure and private manner.  Simply click “sign in via facebook” and login and dipity will pull profile photos and info for you to edit and update as needed.  (NOTE – dipity also has an optional “hide-me” privacy setting that hides you from mutual connections/contacts on facebook for those choosing to remain discreet!)

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01 Login

Step 2:
Start Swiping!  Swipe left if not interested, swipe right if you’re interested in chatting!

02 Home Screen

Step 3: If both of you swipe right – IT’S A MATCH! – Start chatting immediately and find out more about your match to see if it was meant to be!

05 Mutual Match

Step 4: When you want to ask your match out on a date, simply click the “dipity date” button in the upper right of the app.  This will pull up nearby locations to meet up, or you can click the magnifying glass to type in manual entries.  Select a few different spots… (or if you want to just pick one and make it a “sure thing”, you can do that, too (but where’s the fun in that?)

date selction screen

Step 5:  Choose the *actual* place you want to meet up with your date, this is the place you hope your match selects as well to show that Serendipity Happens!

date final selection screen

Step 6:  The selected date locations go to your match, where he or she will be asked to select the place they want to meet you…

envelope screen

Step 7: If your match selects the same place, It Was Meant to Be!  You both receive an email confirmation with the date and time of your date and you immediately have common ground to start chatting about on your date.. Fate awaits you.  If you select different places, your date gets placed back into the general dating pool where you can have the opportunity to give fate a chance another time, if it was meant to be, it’ll happen!

09 Location Match 10 Location Miss Match

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Welcome to dipity. Simply download our app and start swiping. Once you’ve been matched you start chatting, and if either side would like to move forward you simply choose a location to meet – up to 10 different potential places along with the date and time. If you end up at the same location, you can safely say that you were meant to meet that day!

Dipity is giving fate a nudge in the right direction for couples every day – so what are you waiting for?

Download Dipity for free today, you’ve got nothing to lose!